En liten titt på Retro Gamer nr. 249

Det nærmer seg et aldri så lite jubileum for Retro Gamer, men denne gangen tar jeg en titt på nr. 249:

  • The latest news from December 2006
  • The making of… Sonic the Hedgehog 3 + Sonic & Knuckles
  • Ultimate Guide: The Lords of Midnight
  • Retro Gamer’s favourite… Frogs
  • A tribute to: Gremlin Graphics
  • The making of… Xeno Crisis
  • Retro inspired: Double Dragon Gaiden – Rise of the Dragons
  • The making of… Robocop 3
  • Studio profile: Halisto Entertainment
  • The legacy of: System Shock
  • The eolution of: Midnight Club
Retro Gamer nr. 249
Retro Gamer nr. 249

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