Kickstarter – Commodore: The Amiga Years book

Jeg har funnet meg en ny Kickstarter-kampanje og støtte. Denne gangen er det Commodore: The Amiga Years book som er en bok av Brian Bagnall. Kampanjen nådde målet sitt allerede åpningsdagen.

Et lite sitat fra beskrivelsen:

Take a journey from Amiga’s beginnings in 1982 to when Commodore filed for bankruptcy in 1994. Dozens of brilliant and motivated engineers produced a computer with graphics, sound and multitasking capabilities years ahead of Apple and IBM. A lot happened in that decade, and this book will describe to you the most relevant parts in a definitive history of the Amiga story and Commodore’s final descent.

Kickstarter-kampanjen går fram til 15. juli.

Commodore: The Amiga Years book

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